Wetland Plants:
Know 'em and Grow 'em

Growing a Brighter Future

Environmental Concern has synthesized its over 40 years of wetland horticultural experience into a course for educators.

No green thumbs required.  Practically integrate horticulture and botany into your curriculum by studying and growing plants at your school. This course provides educators with background in wetland plant ecology and adaptations, and the resources to identify plant species in the field. Materials will also cover native and non-native species, and planting tips. Educators will gain valuable tools to increase students’ interest in wetland plants, and inspiration to construct schoolyard wetland habitats.

Educators leave the workshop with:

“My hibiscus have already sprouted!
And the willow oak seeds sprouted in the bag, so I'm planting them today." Course Participant

“You will be happy to know that I have been using
what I learned immediately. I had to come back and
order wetland plants for a wetland enhancement of a
storm water basin. The formula is excellent. I also was
able to educate some of my grant applicants with the information you provided to us.“ Course Participant