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The Nursery at Environmental Concern is dedicated to reducing waste and protecting the environment. 

Water Conservation & Pollution Prevention:

  • Nutrient Management: Most of the growing area is graded to drain into a series of three inter-connected ponds which filter out sediments and nutrients protecting San Domingo Creek and the Chesapeake Bay from possible contamination.

  • Sub-Irrigation: Our wetland plants are staged in plastic-lined water boxes. Plants receive water from below. Not only do water boxes hold water for the sole use of the contained plants, they eliminate run-off of any nutrients within the potting media, and reduce the spread of foliar plant diseases. In addition, the boxes collect and hold rainwater reducing overall demand from other sources. 

  • Cyclic Irrigation: The nursery uses timers to practice cyclic irrigation. Plants receive careful doses of water to reduce over-saturation and prevent valuable water resources from washing off the land.

  • Slow Release Fertilizer: We mix slow-release fertilizer into the soil mix, rather than using water-soluble fertilizer, to reduce nutrient run-off.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): In the nursery and landscape IPM is the Eco-friendly way to control pests that uses a combination of biological, mechanical, cultural, and physical methods with chemicals as a last resort. 

Solid Waste Reduction: We recycle or reuse pots and trays used in our growing operation. We also compost plant material.

Water Box
Water boxes flood irrigate our plants.

Nutrient Management Pont
Nutrient Management Ponds capture and treat runoff to protect nearby waterbodies.

trays are recycled
Trays are reused or recycled.