On May 29th Environmental Concern was honored to have been selected and certified as a Maryland Green Center by the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. 

Environmental Concern is a major in-kind contributor to the St. Michaels Nature Trail. Other partners include the State of Maryland, Elm Street, Rotary of St. Michaels and the Commissioners of St. Michaels.


Governor Ehrlich presents the Commissioners of St. Michaels a check for the St. Michaels Nature Trail. Environmental Concern prepared the grant application on behalf of the town.



Celebrating 35 years of wetland stewardship.

Green Gala

San Domingo Creek Planting

EC Celebrates its 35th year with a Green Gala

San Domingo Creek Park Marsh Restoration - Planting Day


Environmental Concern was awarded the planting project on Poplar Island in Cell 3d, the largest project of its kind ever awarded by the Baltimore District of the Army Corp of Engineers. The project crew planted over 500,000 wetland plants in less than two months.

Poplar Island Cell 3d before planting

Poplar Island Cell 3d after planting


Suzanne Pittenger-Slear elected President of EC - second president in 30 year history of the corporation.

Restoration division expands.

Facility expansion begins.




EC hosted the first conference on Wetlands used for Wastewater Treatment in Maryland.




Cooperative research with the University of Maryland was carried out in greenhouses at its College Park Campus.




Evaluation for Planned Wetlands (EPW) was published and became widely adopted by state and federal agencies.


Evaluation of Planned Wetlands



First issue of the Wetland Journal (WJ) was published. The WJ featured articles by wetland experts in wetland education, issues, restoration techniques, horticulture and research.



Dr's. Candy Bartoldus, Edgar Garbisch, and Mark Kraus developed and tested the Evaluation for Planned Wetlands, a method for directly comparing the wetland functional capacities between two or more wetlands. It not only provided a model for assessing wetland functions, but it was also is a guide to wetland design.

Ed Garbisch
Dr. Garbisch conducting research
in EC's Greenhouse



EC published the original WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands, a K-12 teacher’s guide, now in its eighth edition (see publications for more info), used by 50 states and many countries.

First wetland teacher training workshops offered nationwide.



Research went on concurrently with developing the business of planned wetlands; construction, restoration and enhancement.




Successfully propagated first native wetland plants and started first wholesale native wetland plant nursery in the nation. The original glass greenhouse is still in use.

Developed protocol for restoring shorelines using non-structural (vegetative) tidal shoreline bank erosion control methods. The general approach was endorsed by the State of Maryland’s Water Resource Administration.

Glass Greenhouse


Environmental Concern, Inc. (EC), a public non-profit Corporation, was founded by Dr. Edgar Garbisch.

Dr. Garbisch took a leap of faith and by trial and error, successfully restored the first marsh in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Hambleton Island, once a 55 acre land mass in the mid-nineteenth century, had eroded to half that size by the early 1970s. In addition to the natural erosion, the island had also breached near the center. After a few false starts, 300 barge loads of sand, 25,000 seedlings of cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) and salt marsh hay (Spartina patens), and five months of planting, the island breach had been restored.


Hambleton Island