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Environmental Concern’s (EC) Wetland Learning Campus is located in historic St. Michaels, Maryland on 7 acres at the head of San Domingo Creek. The Campus supports the activities of EC’s education, nursery, and restoration divisions.

EC's Campus is proud to be the Eastern Shore's first Green Center.

EC Campus in Winter

The education division offers professional courses on site. Many of the attendees bring their families with them to enjoy the interesting sites and activities St. Michaels has to offer; a sunset cruise on the Chesapeake Bay; shopping in the quaint boutiques on Talbot Street; going back in time at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where stories about skipjacks and lighthouses delight visitors . Children’s programs are offered during the summer months. The EC staff finds it hard not to join in when the children are on a scavenger hunt as part of the wetland survivor activity. WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands, a publication originally authored by EC, is used by EC’s educators to train teachers how to teach students about the functions and values of wetlands. Many of the teacher workshops are held on EC’s Campus, where three wetland types and over 120 species of wetland plants become part of the workshop experience.


EC’s nursery was the first native wetland plant nursery in the nation. Founded in 1972 by Dr. Garbisch, the nursery operation now propagates over 120 species of native wetland plants. Seeds for most of the plants are collected by EC’s nursery staff – some seeds are collected on Campus from specimens planted over the years. The nursery manages 4.5 acres of covered growing space. Hundreds of thousands of native plants are sold to the wholesale trade, or used for EC’s restoration projects.

The restoration crew also uses the Campus as their home base. Although EC’s wetland restoration projects are off site, supplies, equipment and materials are stored securely on Campus. A construction and storage facility offer space for the crew to maintain vehicles and equipment used for restoration and construction of wetlands, and invasive plant control. The restoration crew work year round. If weather or tide prohibits working on projects, there is always maintenance required on the Campus.

The administrative support center is always alive with activity. A team of four staff support the needs of the nursery, education and restoration divisions. With such a beautiful view from every window, it is not unusual to see staff peering out the windows to watch the wildlife in and around the wetlands. In the fall, the staff gather on the back deck to watch the magnificent sunsets as another busy day at Environmental Concern’s Wetland Learning Center comes to an end.

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