Restoring the wetland at a time

Environmental Concern Inc. (EC) is a  public, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, located in St. Michaels, Maryland.

Mission:  EC is committed to improving water quality and creating, restoring and conserving wetlands, living shorelines and other natural habitats through education and outreach, propagation of native plant species and professional design and installation.



The Restoration Division at EC specializes in the creation and enhancement of freshwater wetlands and tidal salt marshes. In 2018, we planted over 400,000 wetland plants by hand for restoration projects. These habitats will offer protection and food sources for hundreds of species.

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EC maintains the nation's first wholesale native plant nursery, established in 1972. Currently, we offer over 120 wetland and upland native plants species. In addition to operating as a wholesale nursery, EC's nursery is an integral part of our education and restoration endeavors.

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Outreach & Education

Our Educators work to improve the understanding and appreciation of wetlands and their importance to improving water quality and natural habitat. Since 1985, EC has offered professional training as well as community workshops and outreach initiatives.

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Environmental Concern’s (EC) Native Plant Nursery is Celebrating Spring

The EC nursery staff is sowing, growing and preparing over 125 species of native herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees for our Wholesale customers. EC’s 49-year mission to improve water quality and increase natural habitat in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed is accomplished by growing and selling the native plants required to filter pollutants from stormwater and to provide important habitat for native species. You are making a difference when you purchase native plants for your landscaping needs. Our 2021 Wholesale Catalog is now up on the website - click the button below to open or call to request a copy.

Choose the blue flag iris (Iris versicolor) for its showy lavender blooms, or the great white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum), one of our new species for 2021. Check our current availability, updated every two weeks.

We look forward to working with past customers, and greeting new customers this spring!

2021 Wholesale Nursery Catalog