Enjoy your time inside with these fun and printable activities for children and adults to enjoy!

  • Print our Monarch Life Cycle coloring sheet and watch the monarch caterpillar become a butterfly.
  • Test your knowledge of monarch butterflies with our Monarch Crossword Puzzle.
  • Can you guess what word we are trying to spell?  Connect the dots to see if you guess correctly.
  • Local birds are starting to emerge and eat the different berries growing on your shrubs and trees.  It is a great time to pick up bird watching if you have a set of binoculars!  Follow this link for a guide to North American Birds.
  • Adults can test their knowledge on wetlands with our Wetland Test.  After you are done, click here for the Wetland Test Answers.

Parks, trails and even your own backyard are still open, and a great place to enjoy some time outside. Click here for a list of Maryland State Parks.