Restoring the bay…….one wetland at a time.

Since EC’s founding in 1972, the restoration division has restored over 50 miles of shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed using the bioengineering protocol developed by our founder, Dr. Garbish.  Over the years, engineers and scientists at EC have refined this technique, a process that has been proven over time as an effective long term solution to control shoreline erosion.

The Restoration Division at EC specializes in both freshwater wetlands and tidal salt marshes. From start to finish, we are often called upon to plan, design, obtain permits, construct, plant and monitor a wetland project.  Our well-trained staff offers decades of experience in restoring degraded wetlands and constructing new wetlands to improve water quality, manage stormwater, enhance habitat, stabilize shoreline erosion and mitigate wetland loss.


  • Shoreline Stabilization & Living Shorelines
  • Design-Build Contractor
  • Site Assessment & Survey
  • Wetland Mitigation & Monitoring
  • Wetland Marsh Maintenance
  • Buffer Management Plans
  • Phragmites and Invasive Species Management
  • Wetland Delineation

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