Wholesale Customers

EC’s wholesale native plant nursery is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Please submit your request for price quotes to nursery-sales@wetland.org.

Plants may be shipped via UPS or Environmental Concern’s delivery vehicle.  Please contact our nursery department for more information on shipping costs.

Payment must be made by check or credit card at time of pick-up or delivery.

We certify that the plants we provide are of the highest quality.  Any claims or substitutions must be made upon pickup of the plants.  Environmental Concern accepts no responsibility for plants once they have left our nursery.  For claims of damage made during transit, please contact the shipping entity.

Click here to see our 2020 Wholesale Catalog or to CHECK AVAILABILITY.    PLEASE EMAIL                                                                      NURSERY-SALES@WETLAND.ORG FOR PRICING CHANGE EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 18, 2020.

For guidance on making your plant selections, click on our Herbaceous Wetland Species Selection Guide below.